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Slack (central ops): 

    Go to method to communicate with any team member or the team as a whole.


    Our current project/task management tool. 

Google Calendar & Scheduling System:

    How to manage your gSuite google calendar and schedule meetings with team members, outsiders, book resources and more!

Google Drive Folders and Files

    How to use your gsuite google drive and access TCM files and easily share with team.

TCM Accounts to Follow: 

    Youtube, Twitter, Facebook...


    (917) 444-5627 for TCM Public Line.

    (917) 444-5627 for TCM group calls.

Every Action (EA):

    Our CRM aka the Database.  
    Send Email Blasts | Create Events | Online Forms


    Incoming Emails, phone calls, texts etc. are managed in FreshDesk. (aka a "support desk")

ShortLinks: short links that have been made (ask greg if you need one made or want to access to make on your own.)


    Screenshots on Steroids: a picture is worth 1000 words.

Custom Email:

   Setup your account after you've earned your stripes.

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